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Smart Test - Pairwise Testing tool

Smartware Technologies' premiere testing tool, SmartTest, is an innovative tool that uses a scientific process to generate an optimum set of test cases for any application or project.  With or without a detailed requirement specifications, Smart Test ensures that the test coverage of all application functions are maximized while saving time by generating a minimized set of optimized tests. 

Key Features

  • Pairwise Testing - Generates Optimized set of Test Cases for automated or manual testing

  • Applies Requirements / Business rules to the test data
  • Provides traceability between tests and requirements

  • Exports tests to Excel for input into automated testing tools such as Quick Test Professional.
  • Organizes your tests and requirements as Enterprises, Projects, and Roles

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduces the number of test combinations

  • Supports well-defined or poorly defined requirements

  • Easily adapts to changing software requirements

  • Dramatically increases QA testing quality and productivity

  • Aligns the Business Analyst and Ttsting effort

  • Save thousands of dollars in test case development costs

  • Applicable to all types of testing including GUI, Performance, System configuration, Interoperability, Function, and unit testing

  • Months worth of testing can be done in just weeks and will be accurate.

  • Extremely easy to use - generate test cases in minutes


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