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Smart Check - Intelligent Word Review

Smartware Technologies' premiere review tool, Smart Check, is a powerful tool that automates the structural content of requirements (or any contract) and locates ambiguities. The Word document is flagged with potential ambiguities based upon Additionally hundreds of Key Words and Phrases pre-built in the Dictionary.  

Key Features

  • SmartCheck - Opens a Word document to be reviewed
  • Provides editable glossary of Key Words or phrases that research has shown to be associated with logical and structural ambiguities
  • All potential ambiguities are flagged based upon the Dictionary and search selections
  • Sorted Pareto charts created based upon Word Alerts or Ambiguity Categories to help the analyst focus on common ambiguous writing styles

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduces the number of ambiguities in requirements (or contracts)
  • Easily adapts to Dictionary changes
  • Dramatically reduces the number of defects identified prior to deployment to the end-users
  • Removes ambiguities prior to a formal team verification review which reduces costs
  • Reduces the "rippling effect" and saves thousands of dollars ($) in defect detection, correction, re-testing, and production deployment
  • Applicable to all types of requirements documents (or contracts) including GUI, Performance, System configuration, Interoperability, Function, unit testing, legal documents and contractual agreements
  • Extremely easy to use and can review Word documents in seconds

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