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        Want to take the GUESSWORK out of software Testing? 

  Smart Test takes software requirements  automatically generates optimized variable test data, guaranteeing 100% pairwise coverage with the minimum  number of test cases. This tool takes the guesswork out of software testing. However, the basis of good test cases is software requirements and unfortunately, poor requirements are a major cause of bugs.

  Smart Check analyzes requirement specifications in Microsoft Word format and locates ambiguous and unclear requirements. With this tool, ambiguous requirements will be removed resulting in a significant reduction of downstream bugs. Results are displayed within the Word document and include ambiguity distribution graphics.

                                Smart Process provides a rich set of software testing processes, templates and checklists for all areas of the software testing life-cycle.   Smart Process is FREE with the purchase of one of the other tools. Freebees can also be downloaded from this website.  (Select "Products" tab for demo)

Training & Consulting

These tools envisioned and developed by our CEO and President, Bill Lewis, the author of the best selling software testing book "Software Testing and Continuous Quality  Improvement" 3rd edition. More information.

Bill also provides training across the U.S. and overseas and his book is being used at the Univerity of Akron, Ohio. A college level course is also available for the Winter, 2015 semester which includes syllabus, purpose, objectives, Agenda, PP slides, and instructor notes. See complimentary feebees below.  (Select "Solutions" tab above)