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             Automate Test Data with Smart Test

Test Smart guarantees that the data you use to test an application is consistent and objective - something that is very hard to achieve with a testing team. With the best will in the world, different people will build different test cases to test the same application.

Smart Test takes information about the application under test (such as field name and object content), then applies details of how the application is supposed to behave, (in the form of business rules and requirements). It then automatically builds an optimised set of Variable Data, designed to cover the maximum number of possible scenarios with the minimum amount of data and number of test cases.


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  • Applies Orthogonal or All Pairs algorithms
  • Rich set of rules applied to the data
  • Calculates every possible data combination that fits the rules
  • Traceability matrix of rules to test data
  • Imports raw test values to Excel
  • Exports optimized test data to Excel
  • Seamlessly exports to HPs Quick Test Professional to the variable data sheet
  • Significant increases your test scenario coverage
  • Improved quality/relevance of test data
  • Test data is created quickly, saving testing resources
  • Covers every optimised scenario means that more defects are found earlier

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Smart Test was invisioned and developed by our CEO and President, Bill Lewis, the author of the best selling software testing book "Software Testing and Continuous Quality  Improvement" 3rd edition.More information.

automated testing tool, test case generation, SmartTest