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Want to take the GUESSWORK out of testing software with AGILE? 

  Smart Test takes software requirements  automatically generates optimized variable test data, guaranteeing 100% pairwise coverage with the minimum number of test cases. This tool is based upon an Orthogonal Array statistical algorithm which has been proven to detect 85 -90% of all defects. Smart Test can be applied to function, performance, configuration, maintenance, GUI, network, and regression testing.

Smart Check analyzes MS Word requirement specifications and locates ambiguous and unclear requirements. Each word or ambiguous phrase will be flagged with an alert phrase indicating the reason for the flag. The user can accept or reject an individual ambiguity flag or all flag references throughout the Word document. Based upon an ambiguity category, ambiguity patterns are also displayed in graphical Pareto charts. With SmartCheck, ambiguous requirements will be removed resulting in a significant reduction of downstream bugs.

Smart Process provides a rich set of quality assurance and software testing processes, templates and checklists for all areas of the software testing life-cycle. SmartProcess is FREE with the purchase of one of the other tools.  

                                                                                                     Training & Consulting

Smartware provides comprehensive software testing and requirements management courses remotely or on site at your location.